Greater Sacramento Gardening

The gardening service project is initiated in Greater Sacramento to encourage and involve youth volunteers in gardening to have fun, learn more about gardening, earn volunteer hours and raise funds for a local cause.  

Helping our community, one tree at a time.

Under the guidance of parents, several youth volunteers started to grow different Indian and non-Indian vegetable/flower starter plants and sell them for nominal prices to raise funds for a cause. Youth volunteers will also sell seeds and specialty plants.

If you are interested in purchasing plants, please call or text (916) 390-9945 now!!!

Available Plants

  1. Indian Tomatoes
  2. Indian Egg Plant
  3. Beans – Chikkudu, Anapakaya, Guavar and Bush Beans
  4. Okra
  5. Tindora
  6. Curry Leaves
  7. Cucumber
  8. Bitter Gourd, Ivy Gourd, Bottle Gourd
  9. Watermelon
  10.  Marigold

AND MORE!! Text (916) 390-9945 for more information!