Project Updates 2020

Support Daily-Wage Workers and Needy Families

Suvidha International has been helping the daily-wage workers and needy families in Telugu States during current COVID-19 crisis by providing essential grocery items.  Suvidha provided  twelve to fifteen essential items to over 350 families in Astangurthy, Sammetavari Gudem, Wyra and Khammam. The needy families also include priests’ families in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 

Suvidha also provided fruits and essential grocery items to COVID-19 families during 14-day quarantine period.

Suvidha International plan to help additional families in upcoming months. Suvidha International thanks all the donors who contributed to this cause and all the volunteers who are helping the families on the ground.

Educational Support

Suvidha International is providing financial support to twenty financially challenged rural students during 2020-21 academic year.

Student Name EducationCollegeCityYear
Priyanka SallaB.TechMatrusri Engg. CollegeHyderabad2020-21
Yadala RanB.TechNarayanamma Engg. CollageHyderabad2020-21
Konda Sunil KumarB.TechMallareddy Engg. CollegeHyderabad2020-21
Arepally AkhilaB.TechMedha Engg. CollegeKhammam2020-21
Najima ShaikB.TechKU College of EnggWaranga2020-21
Banu Krishna BhavaniIntermediateVijetha Junior CollegeChinthalapudi2020-21
Durgam AjayIntermediateSri Chaitanya Junior CollegeKhammam2020-21
Bharath Kancherla7th GradeBonakallu Residential SchoolBonakallu2020-21
Sapineni NikithaIntermediateSri Chaitanya Junior CollegeKhammam2020-21
Kadampati PoojaB.TechMallareddy Engg. CollegeHyderabad2020-21
Sritrivedh ChammalamudiB.TechRaghu Inst. of TechnologyVizag2020-21
Srirama KavachamIntermediateSri Chaitanya Junior CollegeKhammam2020-21
Jahnavi KorraptiB.TechTBDTBD2020-21
Nikitha PaletiB.TechTBDTBD2020-21
Srikavya MandadiB.TechTBDTBD2020-21
Mahitha MalempatiX ClassTBDTBD2020-21
Muralikrishna CherukuriB.TechTBDTBD2020-21
Venkateswarlu TadikamallaIntermediateSri Chaitanya Junior CollegeKhammam2020-21
Thota Sudheer KumarTBDKhammam2020-21
Vanga ChandrakanthTBDKhammam2020-21

Community Room

The community room/dining hall of 600 square feet construction in Astanagurthy is going on now and will be completed by the end of 2021. This room will be used for various villages activities including for dining.

Laptops to Students for Online Classes & Vocational Training

Suvidha International is providing laptops to fourteen financially challenged students to support their online classes as well as to provide basics computer operational and soft skills training

Tree Plantation

Suvidha planted about 200 trees this year in villages Astanagurthy and Gollena Pahad.

Inverter for Annam Seva Foundation

Suvidha International provided Electrical Inverter System to local foundation, Annam Seva Foundation, which helps neglected parents and mentally challenged kids and adults. The inverter help the foundation to power the lighting during power outages.

Project Updates 2019

Educational Support

Suvidha plans to spend one-third of funds for educational supporting activities.  It is currently providing financial support to nine financially challenged rural students. Suvidha provided scholarship of Rs 5,000 each to top ranked 10th grade student (SSC) in 9 high schools and additional Rs 5,000 to the topper of nine schools in Wyra Mandal this year. Suvidha is planning to provide educational training material for 19 undergraduate (degree) students from Astanagurthy village.

Student Name  Education College City Year
Priyanka Salla B.Tech Matrusri Engg. College Hyderabad 2019-20
Yadala Ran B.Tech Narayanamma Engg. Collage Hyderabad 2019-20
Konda Sunil Kumar B.Tech Mallareddy Engg. College Hyderabad 2019-20
Arepally Akhila B.Tech Medha Engg. College Khammam 2019-20
Najima Shaik B.Tech KU College of Engg Waranga 2019-20
Banu Krishna Bhavani Intermediate Vijetha Junior College Chinthalapudi 2019-20
Durgam Ajay Intermediate Sri Chaitanya Junior College Khammam 2019-20
Bharath Kancherla 7th Grade Bonakallu Residential School Bonakallu 2019-20
Shamith Kancherla 4th Grade Saint Aloysius Tanikella 2019-20


Student Name SSC Topper School Name City Year
Kancharla Lavanya SSC Topper ZPHS Astnagurthy Astnagurthy 2019
K. Prathusha SSC Topper ZPHS Gannavaram Gannavaram 2019
Burugu Avinash SSC Topper ZPHS Garikapadu Garikapadu 2019
Poralla Lavanya SSC Topper ZPHS Gollapudi Gollapudi 2019
Modugu Sanjeeva Rao SSC Topper ZPHS Paladugu Paladugu 2019
Shaik Nawab Sharee SSC Topper ZPHS Rebbavaram Rebbavaram 2019
Konduru Shiva Sairam SSC Topper ZPHS Siripuram (KG) Siripuram (KG) 2019
Narayanadasu Siri SSC Topper ZPHS Wyra Girls Wyra 2019
Kusuma Sai Krishna SSC Topper GHS Wyra Wyra 2019

Tree Plantation

Suvidha planted about 1,000 trees this year in villages Astanagurthy, Samtteavari Gudem, Gollena Pahad and Wyra. Suvidha team also plans to plant additional 1000 to 2000 trees along the road next year.

Bala Velugu Orphanage Education Project 

Suvidha helped Balavelugu Orphange by painting its building interior walls with educational material including Solar System, Lotus Flower,  Animals, Birds, Body Organs,  Digestive and other Body Systems. Please add couple of pictures to the website.

  • 2019 Education Awards

Project Updates 2018

Educational Support

Suvidha International is currently supporting five financially challenged rural students for their
education through tuition fee, hostel expenses, and other education related expenses. Suvidha plans
to support more students starting from 2018 calendar year. If any students need help on their
education, please reach out to

Student Name Education School City
Durga Uyuuru Final Year B Engg Lakshaya College Khammam
Gumma Gopi Intermediate Chaitanya College Tutikuntla, Khammam
Lal Phasha Saheb 1st Year B.Sc SR & BGNR Degree College Khammam
Bharath Kancheria 6th Class   Hyderabad
Shamith Kacnheria 3rd Class   Hyderabad

Opening of Mineral Water Plant June 9th 2018.

With the help of Back to the Roots (BTTR), a mineral plant of 1,000 liters/hour capacity was built to provide drinking water to the village at
nominal costs. BTTR director Sudhakar garu started the plant on June 9th. The nominal costs
collected will be spent to take care of plant staff’s salary and maintenance expenses.

Model Toilets

Helped Telangana Government in building 140 toilets in Astanagurthy with partial financial support. The project was implemented with the help of Back to the Roots. Beneficiaries were also motivated to dig the pits for septic tanks to cut down the costs. 85 families were provided Rs. 1,600 in building their model toilets. Additional 60 families will be provided Rs.
1,600 by the end of 2018. Astanagurthy Village was declared as Open Defecation Free (ODF)

Youth Leadership Training Program

Eight youth was given Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) in Vizag for 9 days and benefitted with following:

             – Leadership and team building skills

             – Discipline and time management

             – Communication skills and interpersonal relationships

             – Responsibility and commitment

             – Healthy, happy and energetic life

YLTP was conducted with the help of Back to the Roots.

Yoga & Meditation Camp

Four-day yoga camp was conducted from January 9th to 12th to improve the overall wellbeingness of people in the village. Twenty people participated in the camp and learned yoga, breathing techniques, and also meditated. Yoga & Meditation Camp was conducted with the help of Back to the Roots.

Medical Camps

An Ayurveda medical camp was conducted. 25 families were benefited from this camp. Medical Camp was conducted with the help of Back to the Roots.