Suvidha International Foundation (SIF) adopts and empowers villages through education, leadership training, sustainable agriculture, vocational training and other means and transform them into self-sustainable, model villages. Suvidha International plans to work with Back to the Roots organization and carry forward their projects in selected villages. One of the villages is Astanagurthy. Suvdiha International maintains the installed projects by Back to the Roots and implement new projects in Astanagaurthy. The work has started in Astanagurthy in September 2017. Suvdiha International is currently in the phase of selecting a village in Andhra Pradesh and aims to kick-start the service projects in early 2019.

Info About the Founder

 With the support of like-minded friends, Bhaskar Vempati founded Suvidha International with a vision to adopt and empower villages in Telugu States, Telangana and Andhrapradesh. He is the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of  the foundation and responsible to manage and  execute the Suvidha International Foundation charitable projects in Telugu States. Bhaksar has been volunteering over ten years for several non-profit organizations for including Art of Living, Overseas Volunteer for Better India, Annapoorna USA Foundation, ManBadi Telugu School and Indian Association of Sacramento.  Along with few friends, Bhaskar has helped several students for past 12 years in Telugu States in completing their profession education and made them stand on their own feet. More recently Bhaskar led village adoption project in Telangana through Back to the Roots Organization and helped Astanagurthy village in Telangana in completing several developmental works. 



Educational Support
Suvidha International is currently supporting five financially challenged rural students for their education through tuition fee, hostel expenses, and other education related expenses. Suvidha plans to support more students starting from 2018 calendar year. If any students need help on their education, please reach out to contact@suvidhainternational.org.

Vocational Training for Women
Currently Suvidha is planning a boutique vocational training for 15 plus women in Astanagurthy. More details will be added very soon.

Medical Camps
An Ayurveda medical camp was conducted. 25 families were benefited from this camp. Another medical camp is being planned in September/October months. About 100 or more families is expected to be benefited from this camp.

Mineral Water Plant
A mineral plant of 1,000 liters/hour capacity was built to provide drinking water to the village at nominal costs. BTTR director Sudhakar garu started the plant on June 9th. The nominal costs collected will be spent to take care of plant staff’s salary and maintenance expenses.

Model Toilets
Helped Telangana Government in building 140 toilets in Astanagurthy with partial financial support. Beneficiaries were also motivated to dig the pits for septic tanks to cut down the costs. 85 families were provided Rs. 1,600 in building their model toilets. Additional 60 families will be provided Rs. 1,600 by the end of 2018. Astanagurthy Village was declared as Open Defecation Free (ODF) village.

Tree Plantation
Suvidha International is currently planning to plant over 1,000 trees in fourth quarter of the year. The families in the village will be provided their preferred plants of 3 to 5 along with fence and other materials.

Organic Farming
Few villagers attended training and started organic farming on a small scale. Suvidha International will continuously support the organic farming and other sustainable farming methods in village by providing them the training, equipment and supplies.

Inkudu Gunthalu (Soaking Pits)
To preserve the water levels, Telangana State Government plans to build Inkudu Gunthalu (Soaking Pits) in village. Suvidha International supports the government initiative and take an active role in completing the project.

Community Room
A community room is going to be built in last quarter of the year, which will accommodate food donation events and other general activities.